It’s been a long time. 2 years in fact. But the good news is that those two years have been spent in law school hell. Unfortunately, this means that I haven’t had time to draw or doodle. It also means that I have been neglecting a big part of who I am for a long time. It might have been a contributing factor as to why I have been so miserable in law school.

To combat this, 30 days ago I began a new Instagram for my daily doodles called @Scrap_Paper_ (I had a long drawn-out battle to try and regain access to Scrap_Paper, but Instagram values its users privacy too much to apparently even give its users access to their own accounts).

With that being said I am back. I am drawing/doodling/sketching whatever you wish to call it, again. And I will try to update this blog as well. With thoughts, processes and whatever might come my way.


Rachel Danielle