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Been out of commission this weekend. Got a foot tattoo on the inside of the arches on both my feet. So I haven’t really done much since then. But I did manage this.


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Friday May 2nd


Angel of lost souls.

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Thursday May 1st


Little girls playing jump rope with someone’s brain. Might be a symbol or metaphor or some shit. I can’t figure it out right now.

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Wednesday April 30


Doodle. Suppose to be Zelda Fitzgerald reading a bio of hers. So fascinating. I love the stories of women during that period everything was so contradictory for them even more so than now.  

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Tuesday April 29th

Sleepy rainy days and listening to Joni Mitchell.

20 Minute Poses.

I have to confess that most of the time during the 20 minute poses I give in to the urge we all have. I cheat. I look around at what everyone else is doing and question whatever choice I made. Why did I focus on the hands? Why did I do a full body and not focus on the face? Why am I not better? Why did I choose to do watercolor? And every once and a while you will see someone doing something so different that I will just wonder why am I not doing whatever the hell they are?

But let’s be honst. We go to life sketching classes to practice our skill. It is not a place to make a finished product. It is not a place to show off. Instead it is a place that we can all go where we can forget everything but looking at what is in front of us and trying to capture it as best we can. To study the human figure of a brave individual that allows us to see them. It is an amazing thing, and I always leave class wishing I spent less time looking around or looking at my own sketch, rather than trying to capture whatever is in front of me.

Here are all 3 of my 20 minute poses. I was going to only post 2, since one is eh. But really after everything I just said could I do that?





Monday April 28th

Went to a Life Drawing Class tonight, almost the first time in a year. I was so nervous, I half thought I forgot how to actually draw rather than doodle. Well paint actually, all of these are watercolors. Much more comfortable with watercolors than with a pencil or charcoal right now. Maybe I will build up to it.

Anyway these are the 1 and 2 minute poses.

Sunday April 27th

Scrap Paper12

I am not quite sure if the arms are reaching out to help or cheering him on. I am pretty sure when I started it was with the intent of taking the crown for themselves, but I guess it is all about perspective. Any ideas?

Saturday April 26


Another done while working on Little Shop.

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